Application development

We can help you take an idea from concept to reality with a team and tech stack
perfectly tailored to your specific needs.

Turning vision into reality

Avaso develops custom solutions from scratch, making sure that the application integrates seamlessly with existing systems.

We help you select the perfect set of tools and the right people to make your vision a reality, as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

You choose which roles are filled by Avaso and which are filled by members of your organization.

We are experienced in entering at any stage of the software development lifecycle, and will use our experience to find the best solution for your product.

We also offer long-term support and maintenance, and help you make sure that your business critical applications are always safe.

Read more about our process below.

Our process


Strategize a plan that meets your business requirements and users expectations. Together, we define a roadmap and execution plan going forward.

  • Architectural assessment
  • Business value assessment
  • Workshops
  • Product ideation
  • Delivery roadmaps
  • Team


We don't start building straight away, but rather prototype and build wireframes, mock-ups and prototypes of the application. We also detail the overall technical architecture of the application.

  • Mock-ups/wireframes
  • Technical architecture diagrams


The developers build the application in iterations, showing the progress continously and delivering new versions. We build the solution to be scalable and to be easy to integrate with existing systems. The solution is continously documented and unit/integration tests are written to ensure the application continues to function as more code is added.

Maintenance and long-term support

Avaso monitors the application health, security, and maintains the system. We also offer 24/7 support solutions.

Do you need help making your vision a reality?
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Service methodologies and solutions


Quickly adapt to requirement changes without negatively impacting release dates, reduce technical debt and improve customer satisfaction and deliver a higher quality product.


Align your IT with your business goals. Build a sustainable ecosystem with capabilities that work together and are ready for change when new requirements arise.


Join the majority of companies that have begun their transformation journey towards the cloud. We have a proven track record in designing and building enterprise scale software in cloud environments.


Harness the strengths of our DevOps engineers and provide continuous delivery using agile patterns, improving speed to market and quality of service.
Monitor application performance, ensuring that errors/instabilities are identified and remediated.

Machine learning and Data Science

Our data science teams can help you strenghten and support your business by applying machine learning and advanced analytics to your domain problems.


Improve security practices and, through that, prevent security issues within applications. Our approach to security encompasses the whole application life cycle from requirements analysis, design, implementation, verification as well as maintenance.


A pivotal part of ensuring software is maintainable and sustainably built in the long run is to implement automated test-suites. This helps ensure that your systems do not degrade over time.
We can support your existing test engineers or build a team of testers for you, who can safeguard the stable operation of your business critical systems.


Our database specialists can help you design, implement and maintain scalable databases, to ensure that business critical systems can scale to support your growth.
Whether it is SQL or Document databases, Key-value stores or graph databases, our engineers are ready to support you.

Data migration

Our data engineers can help you design your on-prem or cloud migrations using a variety of tools.
Whether you are building a data warehouse, creating a data lake, or need to migrate on-prem data to the cloud - we can help you.