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We are always looking for bright people who want to make a difference for our clients and want to help other people succeed.

If you want to be part of an organization where your contribution is valued and where you are given opportunity to grow as a person and as a professional, we would love to hear from you.

Professional and personal growth

At Avaso we take our employees professional and personal growth seriously. As an Avaso employee, you will get the opportunity to obtain relevant certifications to further your career, to learn from very skilled people and to expand your knowledge into new fields, should you wish to do so.

Work-life balance

We are rooted in Scandinavia, and although we are a multi-cultural company, we have taken the Scandinavian work-balance philosophy to heart.
It is extremely important to us that our employees are whole individuals with a life outside work and spend time with their families and friends and don't just linger in the office. We don't think longer working days necessarily translate into increased productivity, but rather that it is better to really perform while at work, and then to recharge when the workday ends. Now and then certain projects and situations require long hours of course, but it should never be the default.


At Avaso Software Solutions you will be assigned to a core team as well as a division. The core team is cross-functional and contains all the people required to execute a project. The division is a community of like-minded individuals at Avaso, who have similar interests (e.g. databases or web development). The division is a chance to exchange knowledge about a particular technology, and the core team is your "home". We strive to create core teams of people who like working together, because we believe that people who like and trust one another, do better work.


We strongly believe that a diverse and inclusive working environment makes us stronger. We encourage anyone, irrespective of gender, race, religious beliefs and sexual orientation to apply at Avaso.